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Paid the ultimate price for his country on 21 October 2012

Scott was known for his deadlifts and pull-ups that he was often seen doing at the gym and his ability to quickly complete a pack march which he still holds the Unit record for.

Scott was killed in action in Afghanistan on 21 October 2012 doing the job he loved.

Scott was a cheeky character often playing practical jokes with his mates and peers so this WOD hopes to capture his cheekiness.

This workout has included his favourite movements and a farmer’s carry. The farmer’s carry is to acknowledge his role as a combat engineer that required him to often carry heavy loads during a mission and due to the nature of his trade there was never time for rest.


Writer: Rory Boyden & Quentin Paske

10 rounds – Time cap 18 minutes

1 round =
10m farmers carry to the pull up bar – 32kg Male 24kg Female
Then into
5 x Under grasp strict pull ups
Then into
10m farmers carry to the dead-lift bar – 32kg Male 24kg Female
Then into
5 x Burpees
5 x Dead-lift 120kg Men 80kg Female


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