Hero WOD Development

The Australian Hero Games is the official body that manages all Australian Hero Workouts. We act as a facilitator in presenting hero workouts to the fitness community. The team at AHG all have a close affiliation to the cause and take a personal vested interest in bringing to the fitness community a workout that is memorable, rewarding and has meaning.

We firstly reach out to ADF unit commanders, close friends and the next of kin to seek approval to write and market the Hero WOD.  Alternatively, people can approach us to write, manage and market a new Hero WOD.

It is important to note that Crossfit HQ officially endorsed the HERO WOD WOOD. We are certainly forever appreciative for Crossfit HQ's contribution to a history making moment when the WOOD WOD came into existence in 2011. This allowed us to take the lead in building a community that enjoyed HERO WOD's. With respect to their trademark and competition endorsement policies, we were provided guidance and ultimately free to continue writing and marketing Hero WOD's.

The eligibility for Australian Hero WOD's.

1. At the time of death was a current serving member of the Australian Defence Force
2. Unit Commander approval
3. Next of kin approval
4. Killed on Australian Defence Force operations or in training

How we write and present the WOD

1. Establish movements from family and friends.
2. Create a meaningful story about the soldier, the movements and relate it back to how the member died and the type of character.
3. Bring together a team of experts and write the WOD that holds the above however, is competition friendly and everyone can participate.
4. Test and adjust the elements of the WOD.
5. Present the WOD to unit Commanders, close friends and the next of kin for final approval.
6. Establish a marketing strategy which includes aligning ourselves with a suitable charity.
7. Launch the HERO WOD via a showcase event.
8. Incorporate the HERO WOD into the yearly online competition.

The long-term mission is to maintain the Australian Hero Games as the official body that regulates and manages Australian Hero WOD's. This includes ongoing connection with the fitness community, charities and supporters.