Paid the ultimate price for his country on 4 January 2009

Greg, short in stature but large in heart, had a few bio-mechanical advantages/disadvantages and this punish of a WOD seeks to play on that fact. 3/4 Bodyweight cleans tend to favour the short and stout (Greg), Burpee chins those with greater reach (not Greg). The chins remind us of Greg’s ability, evan as a short ass with the winds against him, to continually keep pace and exceed expectations. We suggest finding a really high bar – Greg would have loved it. Double-unders are a thrown in to test one’s finer motor skills under duress, those able to keep calm normally finish them unbroken, get a bit worked up and they can be torturous. Greg was excellent at keeping a game face and this movement rewards those able to pace themselves.

The peculiar reduction in numbers each round, 1-2-3 respectively pays homage to Greg’s proud Jewish heritage and ability to be calculated even when exhausted. It is common for the more careless to loose count and re-do rounds, the ever diligent Greg would have had no trouble here.

We began doing this WOD in memory on the date of Greg’s passing, 4th of January, and have done impromptu adaptations with kettlebells when unable to find a suitable gym. The one hour cutoff will test those unfamiliar with the movements with seasoned fit people able to come close to the 30 min mark. Greg, we honour you.


Writer: David Wegman & Steve Mills
  • 3/4 BW clean (Full Squat)

    Burpee Chin (Dead Hang)

    Double Unders

    1 Hour cut off


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