HERO WOD 000 Rachel McCrow


12 December 2022

4041205 Constable Rachel McCrow

2 Rounds for Time:
40 Box Jumps 24 inch (M) / 20 inch (F)
41 Barbell Push Press 40kg (M) / 30kg (F)
20 Dead Ball slams 20kg (M) / 10kg (F)
5 Shuttle Runs out to 20m & back.

Writer: Thomas Saxby | Content Approved by Judy.

Rachel was a warm-hearted, kind person, who only wanted to make the world and her community a better place. Anybody who meet her was instantly drawn to her presence and passion for life. She was 29 years old when she paid the ultimate sacrifice.

On the afternoon of Monday 12 December 2022, Queensland Police Service Constables Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold from Tara Police Station and Constables Randall Kirk and Keely Brough from Chinchilla Police Station, responded to a request for police assistance relating to a missing person investigation. The officers were tasked to attend an isolated rural address at Wains Road, Wieambilla. This area consists of remote large acreage properties of heavy scrub and bushland with limited public services and limited visibility of residences from the road. Upon arrival at the address, the Constables parked their police vehicles outside the boundary fence and jumped a locked gate across the unsealed driveway.

The Constables walked together in the direction of the residence, which was situated several hundred metres along the driveway and not visible from the front gate. As the Constables walked towards the residence, they came under fire by offenders armed with high-powered rifles who had concealed themselves at the side of the driveway, Constable Arnold was fatally shot.  Constable McCrow was also shot at this time and commenced treating her own wounds whilst using her body worn camera to record her observations at the scene. She defended herself by firing her service Glock in the direction of the offenders and was then fatally shot. Constables Kirk and Brough were able to escape the initial gunfire and call for back-up. Constable Kirk shot at the offenders and withdrew from the property under heavy gunfire. Constable Brough was able to take cover in bushland until her extraction from the property.

(1) Design Process
Reason for 2 rounds – 2 officers paid the ultimate sacrifice that day, hence 2 rounds. We have used Rachel’s QPS rego number as the repetition range.
Reason for box jumps – Rachel loved running up Mt Ngungun and tackling hard stair climbs.
Reason for push press – Rachel was an avid swimmer and loved it, a lot of swimmers use push press to improve strength for swimming, plus the high rep count of 41 is very difficult and makes you remember why you are doing this workout.
Reason for deadball slams – Keeps the heart rate up, very explosive movement and mimics the butterfly swim stroke which Rachel really enjoyed.
Reason for the shuttle runs – Multiple officers from Rachel’s squad informed me that she planned training sessions and focussed on improving her beep test shuttle run every Friday whilst at the Academy.
(2) – Named after Rachel McCrow.
(3) – Rachel was a warm-hearted, kind person, who only wanted to make the world and her community a better place. Anybody who meet her was instantly drawn to her presence and passion for life.
(4) ‘Rachel’ was first performed at the Queensland Police Academy gym at Oxley, Queensland , Australia on the 12 December 2023 (1st year anniversary). Where all Queensland Police Officers are trained.
(5) N/A
(6) The rep count is Rachel’s unique police service number 4041205 and the two rounds account for both her and Matt who made the ultimate sacrifice on that day.
(7) Designed to be short, sharp and keep heartrate high.
(8) Matt Arnold, Rachel’s partner lost his life in the ambush approximately 20 minutes prior to Rachel passing. It is intended to complete Matt Arnold’s HERO WOD – 20 minute recovery and set-up, and then complete Rachel’s HERO WOD.


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