Paid the ultimate price for his country on 30 May 2011

Andrew loved going for runs with his father.

The movements selected for this WOD are the Rope Climb and Running, both movements are near and dear to all soldiers the world over. When home on leave Andrew enjoyed going for runs with his father to catch up and unwind. The total distance for the runs is 2.4km which is the standard fitness test for all members of the Australia Defence Force. The rope climbs are something that all soldiers regardless of their corps must master during their recruit training at the Home of the Soldier, Kapooka.

LCpl Andrew Jones was killed in action on the 30-May-2011 as a result of a Green on Blue incident at COP Mashal in the centre of the Balluci Valley, Uruzghan Province Afghanistan. Andrew was the cook attached to an Australian OMLT Team based at COP Mashal who’s task was to the train the ANA Company stationed at the Combat Outpost.

This was Andrew’s second deployment, his first was to East Timor in 2008.

Andrew had requested to be sent to the isolated outpost as he was always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the soldiers who went outside the wire were looked after. Andrew was always the first to volunteer to go on exercise whilst in Australia or whilst on Operations, to deploy forward to the FOB’s in Timor or the Patrol Bases in Afghanistan.

Andrew was from the 9th Force Support Battalion in Amberley and was serving with Force Support Unit 4 who’s role was to provide supporting elements to all units operating in the MEAO.

Andrew was born in Melbourne, Victoria in 1986. He joined the Army in 2004. After recruit training, he completed his initial employment training as a cook and was posted to the Catering Platoon of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. He was posted to the 9th Force Support Battalion in 2008.

Andrew was respected by not only his fellow Cooks but also the soldiers who he cooked for. Whilst at COP Mashal if there was an early morning patrol, Andrew would always make sure there was a hot breakfast for the guys when they returned, even though he was only meant to provide dinner. He was always happy to help out by taking extra piquets to give the guys a rest prior or after a long patrol and he was always willing to chip in and help out with the looking after of the base on top of his work load as the sole cook at the base.

Andrew was a loyal, reliable and trustworthy soldier who was dedicated to serving his country. He was a team player who loved his job. He had a quiet personality but enjoyed a joke with his mates. His other interests included chess, reading, computers, drawing and soccer.

Lance Corporal Jones was awarded the Australian Service Medal with clasp Timor–Leste, and Australian Defence Medal, Australian Active Service Medal with ICAT Clasp, the Afghanistan Campaign Medal and the NATO ISAF Medal.

During his service in the Australian Army, he deployed on the following Operations:

OPERATION ASTUTE (East Timor) – Jul 2008 – Oct 2008.

OPERATION SLIPPER (Afghanistan) – Nov 2010 – May 2011.

Andrew leaves behind his loving parents, two younger siblings and girlfriend.

The nominated charity by the family is yet to be determined.

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Writer: Nick P

6 rounds for time 

Round 1 – 400m run 6 rope climbs
Round 2 – 400m run 5 rope climbs
Round 3 – 400m run 4 rope climbs
Round 4 – 400m run 3 rope climbs
Round 5 – 400m run 2 rope climbs
Round 6 – 400m run 1 rope climbs



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