The History


In 2011, the Australian Hero Games began as result of the strong sense of loss felt by the Crossfit community surrounding the death of Brett Wood MG DSM In our first year we raised an incredible $55,000 thanks to the passion, commitment and dedication of our sponsors and participants. We donated this to the Commando Welfare Trust and successfully introduced the first Australian Hero Workout of the Day (WOD) the ‘WOOD’ WOD to the worldwide Crossfit community.

HERO Workouts Of the Day are meant to be tough and to test the competitors’ physical and technical abilities. We designed the WODs around Brett’s natural passions – Brett loved running, which is reflected in the WOD’s 400m sprints. Brett loved standard lifts and repetitions, which you’ll discover in the SDHP) and thrusters. When it comes to the burpee box jumps, well, this is a lung and leg buster, and that is something Commandos and Soldiers alike endure in training and on operations everywhere. The rest part is for consolidation, reflecting on what has been and what the future holds.

Inspired by the success of our first year and with the development of a scalable business model for the event, we went back to the CrossFit Affiliates around the world in 2012 and ran another competition. This time we brought back the HERO WOD – McDonald & Galagher another challenging WOD. Again we had great success and raised close to $40,000.

In 2013 Australian CPL Cameron Baird VC MG was killed in Afghanistan. This inspired the team to write another Hero WOD. We launched the HERO WOD at the Battle in the Switch hosted by Crossfit Ipswich, in Queensland. Shortly afterwards we hosted the online competition for the third year in a row and programmed all official Hero WOD’s. This proved to be another successful year, with more than 400 competitors and 80 affiliates contributing to the event.

We recognise the key elements the success of the Australian Hero Games are:

  • The public’s strong support of Australia’s service men and women and the Australian Defence Force
  • The Crossfit community’s strong bond with our soldiers and its love of competing for a worthy cause
  • Support from our generous and dedicated sponsors
  • Support and encouragement from the Australian fitness community
  • Defence Force and their families and friends.

These key elements provided the foundation to launch the 2014 event and to continue our mission.



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