About Australian Hero Games


We create a legacy for all Australian Heroes by dedicating a workout of the day for each fallen Hero. We connect with charities, sponsors and suppliers that support ADF veterans and the families of the fallen.

To raise money for charity that support veterans in transition, employment, welfare, wellbeing and rehabilitation.
To the honour the fallen through fitness.
To award the the most well-rounded athletes through our functional fitness challenge
To challenge the strength and endurance of the team and individual

We introduced the first Australian Hero Workout of the Day (WOD) to the Crossfit Affiliates and broader fitness community to keep alive their legacy.

AHG acts as a facilitator in presenting HERO WODs to the fitness community that is memorable, rewarding and has meaning.


To find the best athletes who can demonstrate strength, endurance and honour. To foster a connected online fitness community and enable it to make a difference to the families of the fallen by celebrating their lives and contributions to the world, while raising money for related charities. To positively increase public awareness about Australian Special Forces Operators and Australian Defence Force Service Men and Women.


The challenge is open to all ages, experience and abilities. You can compete in all events or just one event. Whether you want to compete against friends, just the WOD to raise money, test yourself against the best in the country, or benefit from the great prize pool, the Australian Hero Games is the challenge to be part of.