The Australian Hero Games is proud to announce that we will be donating the proceeds from the HERO WOD Baird initiative to Cam’s Cause.

“Cam’s Cause was founded in 2014 by a tight group of lifelong friends and in association with of the Commando Welfare Trust (CWT). It is our vision and mission for Cam’s Cause to sustain Cameron’s legacy and to continue to support the CWT as they provide relief in times of hardship and also to support our efforts to maintain the memory of Cameron in all things he was dedicated to.

Cameron was an exceptionally modest man who, when on home soil spent significant time supporting the CWT. The CWT is an organisation established in 2007 to ensure families of our dedicated Australians have peace of mind that should the worst happen there is emergency funding available, together with the long term financial support where grants or entitlements no longer exist.

Our aim is to continue to raise much needed funds for the CWT in conjunction with helping to facilitate an opportunity to pay tribute to, and thank an ordinary citizen who will be remembered as an extra ordinary Australian, and ultimately to the men and women who provide the very freedom we enjoy each day.”




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